Creating a service Strategy for FLEET
My team and I developed a service strategy for a new autonomous baggage transportation vehicle. This transport cart called FLEET is made by Vanderlande. The client asked us for a full roadmap with possible applications for FLEET. We then took one of the most promising parts of this overall strategic roadmap and made a prototype roadmap. Showing the client how to start working on our envisioned future of luggage handling today.
Founding a foundation for Art and Music
Living in Delft and having a shared interest with friends in art and electronic music we got inspired to start organising our own festivals combining art and music. So we started our own foundation called 'Stichting Mono Collectief'. Mainly because we found the offering in our hometown lacking with a proper cultural 'edge'. After almost 4 years, 2 parties and 2 festivals later we are still going strong. The (cultural) festival we organise is called 'Dorpsgek'.
Designing for the Youth for Climate community
Three conceptual designs on three different topics. All with the same assignment: designing Civic media for a community in the Netherlands. I chose the 'Youth for Climate community' because of the political and controversial nature of these schoolstrikers. And also because they have less of a political voice since they can not vote yet. Designing for change and daring to speak out!
Designing for safety on 'Woonerven'
During my bachelor final project I got the assignment to improve the safety of streets by design. I strategically chose the 'woonerf' as a context. My design goal was changing the role of the street from traffic lane to playground and vica versa. The final design was a neighborhood controlled road block and plant pot called 'de buitenbak'
Branding a Philips Personal Healthcare record
Philips asked us to design a branding and launching strategy for their internal startup developing an online personal healthcare record. Our concept was the brand Sana. We got awarded the student choice award in the pitching competition and could present our launch strategy to the company.
Designing a performance cruiser
During my second minor 'Yacht design' at the faculty of maritime engineering I designed a sailboat. We designed everything ourselves, from the shape of the keel to the sail plan and rig.