Animation explaining one part of our full roadmap

Animated by team member

This animation shows our proposed service that Vanderlande can start working on today at Lelystad Airport. Using FLEET the whole check-in process can be changed into a much simpler one: you just get out of your car and Vanderlande takes care of your luggage. The check-in experience feels then like a walk in the park: effortless and carefree.
Tactical Roadmap

Designed by me

Prototype Roadmap

Designed by me

A design strategy project starts out very fuzzy at the beginning. As a team is was our job to provide a clear path for Vanderlande on which services to start developing with their new technology. To achieve this we had one on one generative research sessions with ten travellers from different backgrounds. Based on this we created four traveller archetypes and found their needs when travelling by airplane. 
Generative research
Toolkits provided: smileys, images, words, images of parts of a journey and all the possible ways luggage can be handled for inspiration.
Analysing the 18 collages of our 9 participants
Summary of our findings from the generative research sessions
This method of research gave us insight into the different types of travellers. Mainly, you can divide travellers into three categories, on two axes. There are travellers who either prefer control or effortless travelling and on the other axis there are people who have either trust or distrust in the luggage handling system.
Three traveller types and their desired travel/check-in experience
From the traveller archetypes we designed three different kinds of desired travel experiences. The seamless travel experience is the default one: the controlled experience is optionally laid on top of this for travellers who have a desire for control.
Based on this and more in-depth research we created the Tactical & Prototype roadmaps which can be seen above.
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