Note: all images and movies on this page are not created by me, they are made by professionals hired by us. My work can be seen in the pictures, in the way how things are put together.
A quick impression
What I do at Mono Collectief
My responsibility is to take care of and organise all the decoration and art exhibitions at the festival. I design the stages, make the plans on how to build them, instruct volunteers building the stages, contact artists to arrange exhibitions, make the layout of the festival. In short: everything visible for the visitor that is not a performance.
Next to this I also take part in the general management. Our foundation regularly meets and collaboratively we decide on our strategy and how to communicate our brand.
What I learnt after founding Mono Collectief
Starting a venture like this next to studying full-time is a challenge. Time management and working hard but efficient are definitely skills founding Mono Collectief taught me. Next to that it taught me a lot about branding and how to communicate your ideas. In the beginning while organising our first edition we were to much 'out there' at times: we tried to do everything. This was a mistake. We needed to be very specific about who we were for, and who not. Our festival should be a way to show people you care about art and having a good time.
It also taught me how to instruct a pool of 80 volunteers, 20 artists and 25 dj's. Also running the festival logistics, talking to donors: all skills needed in every business. In the end it is about getting the right people together doing the right things at the right time.
What is Mono Collectief?
An events organisation. But a different one. We believe in local talent and making the festival together. For every ten visitors there is one volunteer. Our friends and connections make the festival: we provide the podium, so to say. All editions have been visited by around 500 people. Truly something I am proud of!
Dorpsgek 1: The village
Dorpsgek 2: traffic jam Chaos
Dorpsgek 3: an emergent festival
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